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Servant of Evil

You are my princess, and I am your loyal servant
Destiny divided, the path between two twins
I'll do anything for the sake of protecting you
If I must become evil, this is something I must do.

A little boy sat in the royal garden, shaded by the beautiful tree that grew from the blessed soils. He sat with his book resting on his knees, his fingers on the pages and a studious purse of his lips forming every once in a while. Through the cracked spaces between the leaves, the persistent sunlight shined down on his blonde, medium-length hair that framed his pale face and matched his blue eyes beautifully. Around him, the birds chirped peacefully and flitted about their business, pecking at the ground and at the gorgeous flowers of the garden. Above the tree was the grand blue sky, clear of clouds and only with a bright yellow sun.

But the peace did not last, for a girl’s laugh bubbled into the air. The birds flew away, scattered, as an equally aged girl ran through the garden wearing her baby pink dress. “Allen!” she shouted, waving a chubby hand at the boy underneath the tree. Her pink shoes hit the ground with clumsy steps, but she eventually landed on her knees in front of the boy and stared at him with her blue eyes. “Allen,” she whined with a pout. “Look at me!”

Allen gave a smile and looked up from his book at his sister, and it was almost like looking in a mirror. Almost due to the fact that both were fraternal twins, and therefore shared traits. Both had blonde, medium-length hair with glowing blue eyes, pale skin, and similar stature. Len tilted his head to the side. “Yes, Rilianne?” he questioned, stifling a laugh by covering his small lips with her hand.

“Let’s play a game, okay?” Rilianne insisted, grabbing his book on his knees and setting it beside him. She grabbed his pants, making fists with the cloth, and smiled innocently. “You always have your nose in the book; I’m afraid that you’re starting to forget about me.”

The boy shook his head and reached out to pat his sister on the head. “Silly,” he scolded her lightly, flicking her nose. “I will never forget you.” Then, his face brightening, he pried her fists off of his pants and pulled her up as he stood. “Now, what was this game you were talking about?”

Expectation welcomed us as we were given life
We were blessed from the church bells with heavenly light.
The adults wanted to use us for their own gain
We could not be together, Our lives were never the same.

The two were born to the queen and king of the kingdom, so both were naturally expected to excel in life. But, of course, it would not be so easy for the twins. You see, Riliane was fated for a good life at the start. The kingdom’s sage had told the queen and king that the male, Allen, would meet a terrible end. An end that he brought upon himself, but caused by Riliane. The king thought that it would mean that Allen would take his own life due to the hardships of ruling a kingdom, so he separated the twins and put Riliane in position of power. Riliane was the Crown Princess and Allen would become her personal servant, the king proclaimed.

“Rilianne! Rilianne!” Allen screamed, punching the air and kicking his feet as an armored, bulky man carried him away from the castle. Tears stung his blue eyes and threatened to overflow, but he gritted his teeth and lunged at the air, held back by the guard’s strong arms. “Let me go!” he demanded angrily. “Rilianne!”

Running down the hallways in pink shoes was Rilianne. Her blue eyes were wide with shock and disbelief and she chased after the two. “Allen!” Tears started to flow down her cheeks and her pale face reddened. “Put him down! That is a command!” she shrieked. She chased after them, but her short legs would not take her far. But it was another factor that stopped her.

The queen rushed after her daughter and caught up to her, catching Rilianne just as the Crown Princess sprang forward towards the vanishing guard and Allen. “Rilianne!” she scolded, holding her daughter to her chest as she too sank to the ground. “Calm yourself!”

“They’re taking Allen!” Rilianne screamed, writhing in her mother’s slender arms. “Mommy, bring him back! Tell them to bring him back!”

The elder woman shook her head and bit her lower lip. “Sweetie, he’ll come back.”

Rilianne paused for a second and sniffed loudly, turning to her mother with such ferocity in her blue eyes that it startled the queen. “Promise?” When her mother faltered, she grabbed her mother’s dress. “Promise me!”

“I-I promise.”

Even if all of the world's humanity
Turned away from love and became your enemy
I'll defend you and take all of your pain, so please
Keep laughing and smiling so sweetly.

As the years rolled past, Rilianne held onto that promise her mother hesitantly made. Despite her father’s harsh words and the others’, she made herself believe that Allen was coming back. But…it was also disheartening, you know? With her every birthday, there was nothing that could make her smile genuinely. Not the most expensive gifts, grandest party, or best cake. There was nothing that could make her happier than seeing her brother again.

Meanwhile, in another kingdom a few days’ travel away, lived Allen. Taken from his home and to another kingdom, he was told that he would be the crown princess’ personal servant. Therefore, he needed to go through rough training. He needed to please the princess, they said. At first, he was very confused at their statement. He was…supposed to serve his sister? It shocked him, but he didn’t deny it. He trained obediently underneath the Chief of Maid’s training. And every day, he would look out the window towards the direction to his home. The picture of Rilianne’s innocent smile would turn up on his face, and he would smile gently. He loved her smile – it was so innocent, graceful, and just beautiful. It suited her well. When his sixteenth birthday rolled around, Allen wondered of Rilianbe’s state. What did she look like now? What was she doing now? Was she well? He would pressure the messenger to relay him news of Rilianne, but was denied information.

‘But one day, we will meet again,’ the twins promised to the moon and the stars in the night sky.

You are my princess, and I am your loyal servant
Destiny divided, the path between two twins
I'll do anything for the sake of protecting you
If I must become evil, this is something I will do.

Now sixteen, Allen sat patiently in the carriage, his blue eyes trained on the thick book he held in his pale hands. He was remarkably similar to his childhood appearance – still retaining that young, childish, boyish look. Even his blonde hair was at its same length – medium-length – but he now kept it tied in a half-ponytail with a hairband. His mind registered the words, yet his thoughts were not with it. Instead, it was with the future. According to the House of Maids, he was being transported to a nearby kingdom. They would not give his specific names, but he knew that there were few nearby kingdoms. There were only two, and one of them was where Rilianne resided. He smiled into the book anxiously. ‘Rilianne...I wonder what you look like now?’

The sky was pure blue, unmarred by clouds and only marked with a golden sun hanging above the distant mountains. As the horses pulled the carriage up to the castle, Allen peered past the curtains and his face glowed with happiness. Sure, it was not like what it was eight years ago, but he would know home anywhere! It was his home, where he was born! Allen quickly put his book down and slipped out of the carriage as soon as the horse stopped.

“Hey!” the carriage rider called, holding out a gloved hand towards the fleeing boy.

It went unheard by Allen, who excitedly slipped past the guards and into the grand hallway. His heart was light and his eyes were bright yet again, something they have not been in the past eight years. “Everything has changed,” he murmured with wonder. Even the floor, he noticed, had become a deeper shade of red. The mirrors were as spotless as always and the tall walls were still decorated with intricate etchings, but it just felt different. Maybe it was just because he hadn’t seen this place in eight years.

Light footsteps sounded down the hallway and Allen looked up in alarm. It was too light to be a guard’s, for they were dressed from head to toe in heavy metal. Not a male’s, either. A silhouette came into view and Allen paused, eyes wide. It was a girl with medium-length hair and a similar stature as his. As she came closer, he noticed her pink shoes. “Rilianne!” he cried, sprinting towards his sister. His eyes didn’t even record her shocked face before he tackled her onto the floor.

Rilianne landed on the floor ungracefully and a dull pain shocked her tailbone. She rubbed her lower back and winced, looking up at the boy who tackled her. Just as she was ready to gently scold him, she stopped. It was…could it be? “Allen!” With a great smile, she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight to her. “B-but when, why…,” she started. Tears of joy came into appearance.

The teen boy pulled back and wiped her tears away with a ‘tsk.’ “I’m your personal servant now,” he told her with a smile. “Give me your command, Your Highness.”

One day when we visited a neighboring country
I met a girl of green who smiled innocently
She was like Her Highness when she smiled that way
And so then we became, best friends ever since that day.

“Let’s go!” Rilianne argued. She pulled her brother along off the ship, tugging him down the plank and onto the ground. “You need to loosen up!”

“Princess,” he addressed her, brushing off his sleeve and glaring lightly at her. “I must stay on the ship to oversee the others.”

Rilianne snorted, “Nonesense!”

“But really –”

“I need you to serve me,” she sighed exasperatedly. “What if I can’t find any food or drinks? What if I run into trouble?” She returned his glare. Lately, Allen had been getting serious with Rilianne. He often refused to act like a sibling to her and kept a professional front, for the queen often scolded Allen harshly about acting too “buddy-buddy.” Rilianne thought it was a load of lies, but she couldn’t overrule her mother’s rule.

Allen nodded and followed after with his head bowed respectfully. But he stole a peek at his sister’s smile and cracked a smile himself.

“I knew separating from her was a bad idea,” he grumbled to himself. He ran his hand through his blonde hair and pouted. “Ah, Rilianne.” His sister always found a way to escape from him, and he knew that she was getting herself into some trouble. And he winced at the fact that his mother would scold him ruthlessly for letting her out of his sight. “Oh?” A sudden gust of wind blew his hat off of his head and Allen grumbled, chasing after it.

A girl turned around that very moment and caught it. She stared at the hat for a little, clueless, before lifting her green eyes at the approaching Allen. “This is yours?” she asked, holding it out towards Allen.

For a while, he was dumbstruck. Eyes widened and mouth slightly agape; Allen stared at the girl before he was interrupted by a male’s awkward cough. Oh, yes, he just now noticed the male that stood close to the girl. He looked down and noticed that their hands were locked together and blushed inelegantly. “Sorry,” he murmured before grabbing the hat back. “Thanks.”

The girl who wore a green gown smiled and Allen only noticed that the smile was very much like Rilianne’s. “No problem!” she said. Then she clung back onto the male’s arm and the couple continued their way down the cobblestone road.

But if her death is my princess’ demand
Then my answer is, "Princess, your wish is my command."
But I just can't see – why is this happening?
Why are my tears unable to stop falling?

Behind the cream curtains in the royal bedroom was Rilianne, whose head was bent down and tears dropping down from her jawline. Her quiet sobs saddened Allen, who stood off to the side of her bed with his head bent, too, for he knew what he had to do.

“Princess?” Allen murmured, moving the curtains aside.

On the bed sat the crown princess, crying quietly and clutching a locket. As she shifted her position to welcome her brother, the face of that boy’s – the green girl’s companion – came into view. “Allen,” she sniffed, wiping her nose.

“Is there anything Your Highness desires?” he asked tentatively.

Rilianne’s blue eyes hardened and her fingers clutched tightly at the locket she held. “I want her gone,” she told him, voice husky. “I don’t want her near my Kyle anymore.”

Now it was dark. The sky was gray and thick with clouds. Rain fell relentlessly in harsh showers onto the earth, rain that chased everybody indoors.

But not Allen. The servant stood in front of the green-haired girl, whose name he learned was Michaela. Hidden in his right sleeve was a dagger, but he faltered and looked up at the girl. She was beautiful. Innocent. Harmless. He didn’t want to harm her. ‘But whatever my princess wishes is mine to do.’ With that reminder, he brandished the hidden dagger and rushed towards Michaela. The weapon’s tip found purchase at her side and he sunk the weapon in deeper. He could feel her warm blood stain deep into his clothes as he held her close with his other arm. He could feel her warm tears on his shoulder. And with that…was it possible? His hot tears fell endlessly from his eyes and onto the girl’s shoulder.

He yanked the knife from the girl and dropped her limp body onto the ground. Her favorite green dress was terribly damp and had an ugly dark red stain on her side. And her green eyes were open and glazed over. Fresh tear tracks stained her porcelain cheeks. Allen wiped his eyes furiously and tossed the knife into the bushes. He crouched down and put his hand against her cheeks, as if to say goodbye, and closed her eyes before fleeing the scene.

You are my princess, and I am your loyal servant
Destiny divided, the path of broken twins
"Today's snack is brioche," I'll say so cheerfully.
Just to see you reply, laughing innocently.

It was bright. The sun spread its warmth upon the people of the kingdom and the citizens were out and about. Outside of the castle and in the royal greenhouse was Allen and Rilianne. The princess sat in front of the table whilst her brother poured a cup of tea for her.

“Nice weather, hm?” she mused.

“Yes,” Allen agreed.

Some silence passed before Rilianne pouted and whined, “Allen, talk to me more! Mother won’t scold you for talking to me! I’ll keep it our secret.”

Allen looked up and toothily smiled at her. “Yes, Your Highness.” He revealed a silver plate with the princess’ favorite pastry on it. “Today’s snack is brioche,” he told her with a light tone.

The princess smiled and laughed. “You must have some, too, Allen.”

Soon this kingdom will be overthrown in due time
By the citizens who want my princess to die
If this is revenge, then her death I won't accept
I am loyal till the end; this is not over yet.

Outside of the castle was a bunch of angry citizens. Wielded with swords, spears, and torches, they threatened the castle guards and the castle itself. Specifically, they threatened the princess. Kyle had discovered the cold body of his fiancé and rallied the citizens together, convincing them to overthrow the princess who killed an innocent citizen. And he was successful. The cries of the people were garbled, but distinctly angry. And at the head of the mob was a man dressed in light armor and held a huge broadsword.

Inside the castle, watching it through the window was the frightened princess. Her blue eyes watered and she only knew that it was all her fault. It was her fault that it had come to this. It was her fault that Michaela had died. It her was selfishness. Rilianne wrapped her robe tighter around herself and turned around, pausing once she saw Allen. “Brother…”

I will protect you so please change into my clothes
As a final act of guarding my beautiful rose
It's alright, don't worry, I am your twin
No one will ever find out.

Allen knew it, too. He knew that it was Rilianne’s fault. It was by her words that he killed Michaela, but he would not let the people punish her for that. Never in a million years. His gaze wavered and he pulled Rilianne close to him and whispered in her ear, “Here, I will lend you my clothes – wear this and escape immediately.”

“Allen –”

The servant shook his head and held his sister’s face in his hands. “It’s alright. We’re twins; no one will notice.”

So now I am the queen and you are the fugitive
Destiny tore apart, the lives of broken twin hearts
If you are evil, then so am I
I will gladly allow my blood to flow for you.

Dressed in the princess’ favorite pink gown, Allen turned away from Rilianne and yanked off the hairband. His hair fell to the perfect length and framed his face. Without a word, he stepped forward, but was pulled back by Rilianne’s clammy hands.

“Don’t do this,” Rilianne begged. She was dressed in Allen’s clothes with a cloak thrown over her. And not for the first time, it felt as if she were looking in a mirror. “This is my fault. Don’t do it for me.”

He stared at his sister. There were a million things he wanted to say, but his mouth was dry. So he only shook his head and brushed her hand off. “Go,” he croaked. As her figure vanished, he turned and jolted as he was greeted by the tip of the sword. And on its end was a furious Kyle.

Once upon a time there was a land far away
There was desolate cry of mercy, filled with disgrace
Lived evil people, and ruling over them
Was my very cute sibling.

Hidden in a inn not too far away was Rilianne. She stood, looking out the window at her kingdom’s bell tower, with her fingers clutching at her robe. Her brother…her brother…he was going to die for her. Rilianne choked a sob. It was all her fault. All her fault! And her selfless, stupid brother was going to die for it! Suddenly, his orders to flee was no longer important and Rilianne turned and sprinted out of the inn, her face hidden in the cloak and racing straight towards the kingdom.

The mob of citizens roared angrily, gathered in front of the guillotine. Even as the condemned walked upon the wooden stage, they poked at Allen with their spears and swords as if to kill him then. The sun was bright, betraying the kingdom’s sour mood, and the metal blade glinted evilly, as if thirsting for the blood soon to flow. Walking on the stage with his posture upright and his head held high was the “princess.” Allen was guarded on both sides by the guards who walked emotionlessly. And leading him was Kyle, whose face was grim with revenge that would soon come.

“Put her in,” Kyle ordered.

Allen winced as the guard’s gloved, rough hands grabbed his skinny arms and threw him underneath the frame. The top was swung shut and Allen closed his eyes. The end was near. With the frame closed and the blade shining above him, he knew that there was no escape for him. His heart beat uncontrollably and his hands sweated profusely. But…he felt no fear. Only anxiety. Why? He knew deep inside his heart that he was doing this for Rilianne’s good. He was doing this so Rilianne would live on with a clean slate! And he deserved it, for he killed Michaela. So when Kyle read out Rilianne’s crime to the mob, he hung his head and waited impatiently for the blade to be released.

“Allen,” a voice whispered urgently.

Shocked, he slowly lifted his head to see his sister’s face. She was wearing the cloak that he had given her. “Rilianne?” he whispered in return. “What are you doing here? Go!”

She shook her head. “I’m not,” she told him determinedly. Her eyes were red and puffy – she had been crying.

Allen gave an exasperated smile. “You were always rebellious.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Rilianne saw Kyle’s hand raise into the air. Once the hand was lowered, the blade would be released. “Look at me,” she begged. Her brother’s blue eyes were locked onto hers and Rilianne forced herself to smile. That smile that Allen loved – that innocent, childish smile. Despite her profuse tears, she managed that smile for Allen. The hand was lowered, and so was the blade. But she managed that smile until the end, when she broke down into tears.

I am glad I could be with you up to this day
And I am happy knowing my princess is safe
I swore I'd protect you until the very end
So, now I'll die for you for I have no regrets.

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