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Even when it's tough, I'm smiling for you~

Illuminate the Darkness

12 April
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Herro there~

I've never had a livejournal before, so excuse my newbie-ness x3 Anyway, let's get down to teh point here. My name's Jessica, but you're more than welcome to call me Tweety or some other name that I approve of. Why call me Tweety? Well, my dad was about to name me that (yes, I had like a 99% chance of being named Tweety) so I kind of grown used to it as a nickname. So feel free to dub me as Tweety :D I live in California. California girls, we're unforgettable~ *bricked* I love smilies so I tend to use them a lot. Feel free to tell me if you don't like my usage of smilies, however. I consider myself shy when I approach someone (or someone approaches me) so I probably not say much. But I get crazier/weird as I get to know the person.

I'm more of a silent reader but I will post stories if I feel like it. They might be drabbles, though, since I barely have the time to actually complete them. Sorry~ My schedules being eaten up by clarinet and violin lessons, followed by math tutoring. Yes, because I'm so Asian like that. :D